Acentia Saddle Geminus Aura Black Gel

Acentia Saddle Geminus Aura Black Gel


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Slightly wider than the Fortis and with thicker padding, the Geminus is an excellent choice for those who mix in a bit of off-road riding with city riding. The Geminus Aura adds center cutout for added relief to surrounding soft tissues.


  • Silicon gel pads provide more comfort & support for the sit bones
  • ArcFlex rail support system to lessen impacts
  • Injection molded one piece construction
  • Cutout placed at the center for ventilation & alleviating pressure on the perineum
  • Length: 260mm
  • Width: 180mm
  • Sit-bone width: 70~160mm
  • in-mold forming with Gel insert
  • resin bumper & nose cover
  • steel rail
  • weight: 476 grams

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