Ilumenox Light Shield 200 Lumen Front Light USB

Ilumenox Light Shield 200 Lumen Front Light USB

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Shield 200 is one of the smallest high-brightness USB headlights in production. With the cut-off line optical design, a powerful light illuminates the road directly without dazzling oncoming pedestrians or traffic. The light area extends to 180 degrees that helps to observe the both sides of the road.
An aluminum top cover radiates heat into the air rapidly to prevent the LED from decreasing efficiency.
The step-less angle adjustment helps Shield 200 to efficiently illuminate the road. It is charged via a micro USB port for a safe and environmentally-friendly experience.
Core features:
  • Brightness level up to 200 lumens with a single SMD LED.

  • Stepless angle adjustment

  • Charges via the micro USB port with attached USB cable.

  • Charging time: 3 hours

  • Runtime: 4-20 hours

  • Accessory: USB cable*1, SS-H28 quick release bracket*1

  • Dimension: H 28 x W 42 x L 67 mm

  • Weight: 60g

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