Ilumenox Light Vega 500 Lumen Front USB

Ilumenox Light Vega 500 Lumen Front USB

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VEGA 500 carries the highest level of CREE LED — making it best-in-class above every other light on the market.
The LED provides efficient and high quality illumination. It is very bright but not harsh to the eyes. The angle of illumination is wide and clear in any road condition.
The LED case of VEGA 500 is made of aluminum for maximum heat dissipation, extending the LED lifespan. Low-Dropout and Constant-Current IC in VEGA 500 are used to control the output of batteries, so the brightness remains the same regardless of whether the battery is full or almost depleted.
A high-capacity lithium-ion battery means the VEGA 500 is capable of 2 hours with 500 lumens brightness and max 13 hours with 125 lumens brightness. An included cable allows charging via a computer USB port.

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