Tacx Trainer Satori Smart

Tacx Trainer Satori Smart

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The Satori Smart is the only basic trainer which provides speed, cadence and power outputs. This data can be received by several devices simultaneously, such as your smartphone and sports watch. 
Max Power @ 40kph - 950watts 
Max Slope Simulation - NA 
Simulation of downhill - No 
Wireless Communication - Ant+ FE-C, Bluetooth Smart 
Output - Speed, Cadence & Power

Software Tacx apps & Third party apps. PC software via upgrade. 

Operation Handlebar resistance lever 
Resistance unit Magnetic 
Realistic slope 10 positions 
Descent simulation No 
Sprint power (1 min.) 800 Watt 
Mass inertia 16.93 kg 1 
Suitable for most bikes, if necessary with axle skewers or nuts

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